How To Own The Stage Like The CEO – Executive Presentation Skills

Want to learn how to become the CEO? Want to break through the glass ceiling? If you are serious about transforming your career, get busy learning everything how to give executive-level presentations.

Presentation skills training can skyrocket your career and in my humble opinion is the smartest investment to make – if you are serious about snagging that corner office with a view.

But long before you get to the C-suite, invest in your skills. Focus on how you can learn best. Once you find this out, you can radically increase the speed and rate at which you learn.

Here’s what I’m pointing towards. People like to learn in different ways. If you are going to learn everything you need about presenting, it helps to learn the way you like best.

Some folks are readers. If this applies to you, read everything you can. Look for books, manuals, courses, cheat sheets and checklists. Read about presenters and how they learned their skills. Read!

Some people prefer to watch and learn best through visuals. If this looks like you, watch and learn. Watch videos. Watch e-learning programs that are highly visual. Take professional webinar training featuring visual learning. Watch other presenters and emulate their styles. Watching and learning is a very popular way to learn about presenting.

Some people learn best by modeling. If this feels right to you, you may want to work shoulder-to-shoulder with a presentation coach. Executive presentation coaching could be your best option. In-person coaching or virtual coaching may satisfy this desire to have a grounded experience of all the tips and tricks you need.

Finally, some people prefer auditory instruction. This might sound like you and if so, listen to books on tapes. Download audio files on presentation skills. Listen to talk shows and radio programs about presenting.

My short list for picking a training that has learning variety is:

multiple medias, audio, video, and visual e-learning programs, self-scoring tests, one-on-one coaching, and reading material. By learning with diverse medias, you can pick-and-choose what works best for you.

Sometimes I find that my clients are influenced by their previous experiences in learning presentation skills. For example: on-site corporate training classes. And this isn’t the best way for them to learn. Instead, they prefer a mixed selection to choose from – manuals, blueprints, videos, self-scoring tests.

Some organizations opt for a hybrid solution to help people learn best. These blends include on-site training, online classes and one-on-one coaching. Live training offers a group experience, instant feedback and coaching. Online classes are less expensive and offer instant access to learn critical skills.

Once you discover how you like to learn best, continue to build your skills. Because you’re following what comes naturally to you, you will easily continue to learn more and more. This is the beauty of learning what you want – how you want.

Before long, you’ll have a solid foundation of skills and you’re going to experience the thrill of new opportunities, new career options, and new promotions. It all starts by investigating how you like to learn – finding your home-zone, and building new skills.

Present like a pro and learn skills to own the stage in front of every audience. Investigate how you like to learn best so you can become a masterful presenter – just like the CEO. 

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